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Sustainability & Weddings

In this day and age we really do need to look after the environment and be more eco friendly. Sustainability may not be at the forefront of your mind on your wedding day, however there are many changes that can be made to have a wonderful, sustainable day!

Shop Ethically

Use online ethical stores like Linda Thomas Eco Design to find gorgeous bridesmaids dresses, look at renting the groom and groomen's suits and suggest retailers like Nancy Dee for your guests formal wear.

As a bride looking for an ethical wedding dress may feel like a struggle, however ethical doesn't have to mean you miss out on a stunning dress! Indiebride London custom makes gorgeous dresses from ethically sourced materials.

Research your venues

Many venues out there have sustainable practices and choosing a venue who does can help reduce your weddings carbon footprint. Venues like Luton Hoo, Horwood House and Dunston Hall all hold a green tourism award. Many venues now are also zero to landfill and are making efforts to reduce their impact on the environment. When looking for a venue ask them what steps they are taking to be sustainable!

You could also opt for a venue closer to home to try and reduce travel for your guests. If you prefer a venue a bit further afield and a lot of guests are staying at a hotel, you could even put on a coach or bus from there to bring guests to your wedding and then take them home.

Feeding Guests

Food is a huge part of your wedding but also the thing that creates the most waste! You can combat this by checking each guests dietary requirements so they all enjoy their meals and by opting for a served meal instead of a BBQ or buffet. A vegan or vegetarian menu is the most environmentally friendly so you could opt for a fully vegan menu or at least a vegetable heavy meal to help combat the environment effects from the meat industry. You could speak with your venue and check where they source their food from. If they are shipping meat and vegetables from all over the country, or even other countries, then you could ask for locally sourced produce to help reduce your weddings food miles.

Evening buffets are a great way to feed guests, but a lot goes to waste as everyone is too busy dancing to think about food! You could opt for a street food van who will cater to the guests that order or you could have your venue create "snacks" of sausage & bacon rolls or fish and chip cones that the food & beverage team (or you could enlist the help of your bridal party) could hand out like canapes. This way people are more likely to grab and go than leave food to be wasted. You could also ask your venue to pack any leftovers at the end for your guests to takeaway or for a midnight feast in your bridal suite.

Decor and fancy things

When it comes to planning your wedding there are lots of things you can think about to be more eco friendly. You could send out digital save the dates and invitations and ask guests to email through their RSVPs. Speak to some stationary suppliers and I'm sure they can help you to set this up.

There are so many eco friendly suppliers that can help on your big day. Gwenda from Bohotanical creates stunning floral displays and bouquets from dried and faux flowers to help you be more eco-conscious on your wedding day.

When it comes to decor you can find so many suppliers to hire props and decorations. This way you don't have to buy disposable decorations or waste money on buying something you'll only use once. You could speak with a stylist to make your vision come to life.

Wedding favours can be wasteful dependant on the gifts you choose. Instead of giving your guests something they wont use, might throw away or maybe even leave behind there are many options you could offer instead. You could look at local business who produce edible gifts, look at something they can plant in their garden to encourage bees or you could just scrap the favours all together - you are inviting them to your wedding after all! Whatever you decide your guests love it!

The confetti shot is one of my favourite wedding photos, I cannot get enough, but confetti can be so harmful to the environment. I would suggest providing this for your guests as they may bring along some that is non biodegradable - pop a note on your invitations to say this. There are many gorgeous options, you have standard bio degradable confetti, dried flowers & petals and you could even get crafty and make your own confetti from leaves!

I myself am changing many habits in an effort to be kinder to the environment and following this through to your wedding day is a great way to ensure you have a beautiful, eco conscious day.

If you want to know how to make some changes to your big day, get in touch!

Amy xo

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