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How to Celebrate your Original Wedding Date

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Having to postpone your wedding is something you probably thought you would never have to think about, but unfortunately is now a reality for many of you. Even though your date has changed, you chose it for a reason and that is something to be celebrated!

A lot is happening in the world right now and life as we knew it has been put on hold, but,it is still OK to be sad that you're not getting your special day as planned.

Here are five things you and your partner can do to celebrate the special occasion...

1. Eat your Wedding Food

Food is such an important part of a wedding and what a great way to celebrate your original date. You can try to create your wedding breakfast at home, grab ingredients from the supermarket and take it in turns to create each course.

You could order samples from your cake maker, or if you're a dab hand in the kitchen (unlike me), you could bake a version of your wedding cake.

Go casual and eat your evening food instead! Whether you were going for a buffet or street food you could order in a takeaway and relax for the evening.

2. Have a Picnic

Head to your favourite outdoor space, even your back garden, pack some yummy foods and a bottle of bubbles, relax and reminisce about your time together

3. Write a Letter

Write a letter to your other half. Talk about your feelings, what you're appreciative of and declare your love. Seal the letters and save them for the future, whether that be the night before the wedding, your wedding day or your 1st anniversary. Its a great way to share your love and a little keepsake for the future.

4. Have a Quiz Night

Have a zoom/skype call with your family, bridal party and friends, pop some bubbles and have fun! Create a quiz together for your guests and see who knows you both the best. You could also have a best man/maid of honour create a Mr & Mrs style game to do virtually to see how well you know each other. This would be such a fun way to get your guests together (even if it's virtually) and have a social evening that's all about you.

5. Do Some Planning & Create a Playlist

As weird as it sounds, it might be exactly what you need! Order some food, create your favourite drinks and play your favourite songs. Put these songs in to playlists that could work for your ceremony music, wedding breakfast ambience and reception jams. You may find some real gems and even create a 'no play' list to hand over to the DJ.

However you decide to spend your original day, make it a good one!

Amy xo

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