Meet Amy

Founder of Amy Raven Weddings

When I was Five I discovered my parents wedding video and played it over and over, walking up and down the aisle (my living room) until it was almost worn out. From that moment on I knew weddings would be a huge part of my life. 

I have worked in the hospitality industry for almost a decade, working on various different weddings and events, including intimate weddings to large affairs. My experience led me to dedicated wedding planning, to create a perfect day that is a reflection of you both as a couple. It is important you are relaxed, and enjoying your day, whilst knowing you are in safe hands. My goal as a wedding planner is to make this happen, for you to have as much fun as all of your guests. I will work closely with you to create and execute your perfect special day. 


Meet Ralph

Head of Pawsonnel at Amy Raven Weddings

Ralph is the newest member of team. He is in charge of employee well-being and ensuring morale is always kept high - he takes this job very seriously! He loves long belly rubs, frozen carrots, woodland walks & a ball!

Amy Raven Wedding Planner

Five Facts About Me

- I'm originally from Birmingham & now currently live in Bedfordshire. My accent has changed but the brummy creeps out from time to time!

- I was an Irish Dancer for 15 years competing in regional, national and world championships.

- I love a fruity cocktail, a large white wine and a cheeky shot (absolutely no sambuca or tequila though thank you)!

- My favourite part of a wedding is the first time the couple see each other. Whether that be walking down the aisle or during a first look, I almost cry every time!

- I was a terrible (TERRIBLE) cook before lockdown, but being cooped up indoors has helped and I can now produce a tasty meal with no adult supervision!